Institute for Magnetics Research

Welcome to the Institute for Magnetics Research (IMR)

IMR focuses its work on modeling, experimental measurements, and the use of magnetic materials. The materials most commonly studied are magnetic recording media, magneto-optical media, magnetocaloric materials, and magnetostrictive materials.

Applications include computer hard drives, floppy disks and read/write memories, microwave devices, magnetostrictive transducers, and magnetic refrigeration. Modeling methods employed include Preisach-based models, micromagnetics and nonlinear finite element models.
Past and present organizations that have cooperated with the Institute in conducting research include NIST Gaithersburg, NSF, DOE, ONR, GE Global Research, Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP), DARPA, IBM, Fuji and ANSYS Software.

2015 Conferences
      INTERMAG 2015, Beijing, China
      HMM 2015, Iasi, Romania

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