Institute for International Economic Policy

Stream of Work to Make Trade Policy More Trusted, Transparent, and Accountable

Trade policymaking in the US, EU and in many other countries does not fit expectations for good governance in the Internet age. Public engagement in the trade policy process in the U.S. is sporadic and limited. Although the press informs the public of the outlines and objectives of the negotiations, many of the actual negotiating documents remain secret. n this stream of work under Global Economic Governance, led by Professors Michael Owen Moore and Susan Ariel Aaronson, we make suggestions to build trust; promote public involvement; and increase accountability.

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Direct and Indirect Effects:

At the suggestion of Aaronson and others, the US Trade Representative agreed to create a new Public Interest Advisory Committee to weigh the public interest in specific trade agreements. However, as of December 2014 it has not been created. Meanwhile under pressure from governments and the public, the EU agreed to make its TTIP negotiating documents publicly available.1

On the Public Interest Advisory Committee, see On EC negotiating positions made public, see Communication to the Commission concerning transparency in TTIP negotiations,” EUROPEAN COMMISSION, 11/25/2014,

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