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The conference on "Advances in Behavioral Finance" featuring Nobel Prize winner George Akerlof and co-sponsored with the IMF Institute took place on May 26th, 2011. See our webpage for speakers and papers.

Relevant Faculty and Areas of Expertise

Maggie Chen, Assistant Professor of Economics and International Affairs, PhD from University of Colorado-Boulder
Expertise: International trade, foreign direct investment, regional trade agreements

Ana Fostel, Assistant Professor of Economics and International Affairs, PhD from Yale University
Expertise: International finance, sovereign debt and default, emerging markets, capital market access

Michael O. Moore, Professor of Economics and International Affairs, and Director (2007-2009) of the Institute for International Economic Policy, PhD from University of Wisconsin-Madison
Expertise: U.S. trade policy, economics of antidumping, foreign direct investment

Chao Wei, Assistant Professor of Economics, PhD., Economics, Stanford University
Expertise: Macroeconomics, Financial Economics, Computational Economics

Tara Sinclair, Assistant Professor of Economics and International Affairs, PhD from Washington University
Expertise: Macroeconomics, forecasting, time series econometrics

Frederick L. Joutz, Professor of Economics, PhD from University of Washington
Expertise: Macroeconomics, econometrics, forecasting economic time series

Jennifer W. Spencer, Associate Professor of International Business and International Affairs and Director, Center for International Business Education and Research (GW-CIBER), PhD from University of Minnesota
Expertise: Knowledge spillovers from multinational enterprises, knowledge diffusion and knowledge sharing, international entrepreneurship, emergence of high technology industries


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IIEP Working Paper #31
Sinclair, Tara, "How Well Does 'Core' CPI Measure Long-Run Inflation", with Michael D. Bradley (GWU) and Dennis Jansen (Texas A&M), May 2009

IIEP Working Paper #30
Suranovic, Steve, "Greed and Capitalism: A Source of Evil or Salvation?"

IIEP Working Paper #29
Joutz, Frederick L., "Fiscal and Political Instability and the Growth Nexus in Developing Countries: An Application to Nigeria", with Issouf Samake (World Bank), May 2009

IIEP Working Paper #27
Emran, M. Shahe, "Government Borrowing and Private Credit: Evidence from Developing Countries" with Subika Farazi (GWU and World Bank)

IIEP Working Paper #22
Lustig, Nora, "Coping with Rising Food Prices: Policy Dilemmas in the Developing World", February 15, 2009

IIEP Working Paper #21
Joutz, Frederick L., "Oil Prices, Fiscal Policy, and Venezuela's Economic Growth", with Michael D. Bradley (GWU) and Amany El-Anshasy (GWU)
Revise and resubmit at Energy Journal

IIEP Working Paper #20
Emran, M. Shahe, "Financial Liberalization, Financial Restraint and Entrepreneurial Development" with Joseph E. Stiglitz (Columbia), January 2009

IIEP Working Paper #15
Joutz, Frederick L., "Exploring the Link Between Oil Prices and Tanker Rates", with Angela Poulakidas (QCC-CUNY), August 26, 2008
Forthcoming in Maritime Policy and Management

IIEP Working Paper #14
Malik, Arun S., "The Desirability of Forgiveness in Regulatory Enforcement", December 23, 2007

IIEP Working Paper #6
Sinclair, Tara, "Are 'unbiased' forecasts really unbiased? Another look at the Fed forecasts" with H.O. Stekler (GWU) and Fred Joutz (GWU)

IIEP Working Paper #5
Sinclair, Tara, "Multivariate Forecast Errors and the Taylor Rule" with Edward N. Gamber (Lafayette), H.O. Stekler (GWU) and Elizabeth Reid (GWU).


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