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Diaspora Research Program

The GW Diaspora Research Program is dedicated to the integrated study of the transnational social fields constituted by immigrant communities that remain simultaneously active in social, economic, cultural or political processes in their countries of origin and with compatriots worldwide. Primary focal areas center on identity, policy, and development. The program's purpose is to pursue strategic, collaborative, and interdisciplinary research, service, and training that:

  • Builds basic knowledge of the social, cultural, economic, and political dynamics of diasporas and transnationals with an established US presence;
  • Contributes to expanding the range of informed options for policymakers and practitioners (e.g., governments, donors, relevant industries and firms, and diaspora organizations) in several key public policy arenas (including economic development, post-conflict reconstruction, and international security); and
  • Supports efforts within diaspora communities to address self-identified concerns.

GWD's activities include research, policy analysis, public dissemination (including publications, conferences, and presentations), policy dialogue facilitation, scholarly publication, provision of technical expertise, teaching, training, and capacity-building.

GWD is implemented by a critical mass of faculty with well-established research expertise on transnationalism and diasporas worldwide (including Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East), drawing from disciplines as diverse as Public Policy and Administration, Development Studies, Economics, Anthropology, Geography, Demography, Sociology, Political Science, Business, and the Humanities.

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