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Culture in Global Affairs

Culture in Global Affairs (CIGA) research and policy program is directed by GW Anthropology professor Barbara Miller. CIGA seeks to promote the recognition of culture and its policy relevance to global affairs. CIGA brings together scholars and practitioners from the U.S. and abroad to enhance global knowledge exchange and communication with the policy community.

Diaspora Research Program

The GW Diaspora Research Program is dedicated to the integrated study of the transnational social fields constituted by immigrant communities that remain simultaneously active in social, economic, cultural or political processes in their countries of origin and with compatriots worldwide. Primary focal areas center on identity, policy, and development.

Global Gender Program

The Global Gender Program of GW's Elliott School of International Affairs is dedicated to improving the health, education, rights, and security (HERS) of women and girls internationally and reducing gender-based exclusion and discrimination in these four areas. Established in October 2010, the GGI is pursuing several initiatives to further its teaching, research, and policy engagement goals.

Forward Engagement

Forward Engagement is a process of thinking systematically about complex, interactive, and longer-range issues in a way that is applicable to public policy. That application has evolved into the concept of "Anticipatory Governance" a systems-based approach for enabling governance to cope with accelerating, complex forms of change. The Project on Forward Engagement was established in 2001 by Leon Fuerth to explore methods for incorporating systematic foresight into the US federal policy process, and for configuring government systems to deal with challenges that are "complex" (rather than just "complicated").

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