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News: Fall 2013

Congratulations to student intern Asthaa Chaturvedi
December 2013
photo: Asthaa ChaturvediCongratulations to Asthaa Chaturvedi, B.A. candidate in International Affairs (expected graduation May 2014) for her new internship in the spring with Meet the Press. She will be coordinating with guests, conducting research and helping prepare for program segments.

Asthaa has been a student intern with the Global Gender Program of IGIS since January 2013. She was our social media anchor, writing and posting many entries on both the global.gender.current and anthropologyworks blogs. Her ten-part series of interviews on Why It Matters with leaders in gender equality and gender mainstreaming has contributed important insights about how women leaders see their role and mission and what advice they have to offer to aspiring leaders.

In the summer of 2013, through funding from GW's Undergraduate Research Award, Asthaa undertook two months of fieldwork in New Delhi to gather qualitative data on women's perceptions of the impact of participation in an empowerment organization called SEWA. This research formed the basis for her honor's thesis as well as a Global Gender Program Working Paper: Empowering Women Collectively and Individually from Her Perspective: A Case Study of SEWA Delhi.

Farewell to Ariana Rabindranath and Milad Pournik
December 2013
We are sorry to bid farewell, after two years, to the Global Gender Program's Associate Director, Ariana Rabindranath, and GGP Research Associate, Milad Pournik. Ariana is Chief Operating Officer at Women's Learning Partnership. Milad is a Junior Researcher with Management Systems International.

Leon Fuerth, Practitioner-in-Residence, authors chapter in The Future Can't Wait
December 17, 2013
Leon Fuerth's presentation at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)'s “Symposium on the Future of Development Challenges” was published in the USAID monograph The Future Can't Wait as a chapter titled "Strategic Vision: Foresight Research for Development."

September 15, 2013
book cover: Conservative InternationalismProfessor Henry Nau published Conservative Internationalism: Armed Diplomacy Under Jefferson, Polk, Truman, and Reagan (Princeton University Press, 2013). Debates about U.S. foreign policy have revolved around three main traditions--liberal internationalism, realism, and nationalism. In this book, Nau delves deeply into a fourth, overlooked foreign policy tradition that he calls "conservative internationalism” by exploring conservative internationalism in the foreign policies of Thomas Jefferson, James Polk, Harry Truman, and Ronald Reagan.

Conservation International Grant

August 2013
The Global Gender Program received a grant of $18,000 from Conservation International (CI) for a policy review to support CI's initiative, "Women and Healthy Sustainable Societies." The GGP research team comprises Ariana Leon Rabindranath, associate director of the Global Gender Program, and Pierre Pratley, pre-doctoral fellow. They will collect existing international, regional, and national level policies about freshwater conservation, food security, climate change adaptation, and improved livelihoods in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, and then review their inclusion of a gender dimension.
» Download the final report: Gender Dimensions of International, Regional, and National Conservation Policies affecting Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda (.pdf)

New Working Paper Online

July 2013
GGP is pleased to announce the release of "Prospects for Women's Economic Empowerment: Trends and Models for Sustainability in the Artisanal Sector," the M.A. capstone report of Elizabeth Andrews, Nicoletta Barbera, Morgan Mickle, and Hilary Novik. The report examines the prospects for women's economic empowerment through the artisanal sector, based on field research conducted in Colombia and Rwanda.

Joshua Doherty Awarded the 2013-2014 Michele Manatt Fellowship

July 2013
Joshua Doherty is an M.A. candidate in International Affairs and J.D. candidate at G.W. Josh has been committed to global gender policy issues through internships since 2011, starting with the American Red Cross through his current involvement with Ayuda, Inc where he performs client intakes and prepares trial material related to domestic violence and family law cases. He has published three reports, including a Global Gender Policy Working Paper -- Women's Representation in Judiciaries Worldwide: Arguments in Favor of Increasing the Gender Diversity on the Bench -- on the impact of quotas for women in the judiciary. He is focusing his studies at GW on gender-based violence and gender equality and seeks a career promoting women's and girl's development.

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