Research Areas

ICDRM has a broad range of research areas, driven by faculty and student interest and by the many opportunities in the National Capital Area.

Emergency Management Education and Training


  1. Emergency Management
  2. Healthcare emergency management
  3. Disaster deployment professionals

Healthcare Systems EM Curriculum (VHA Projects)

Training program development

  1. EMI courses
  2. Volunteer Management
  3. Others

Healthcare System Emergency Management

Medical and Health Incident Management System (MaHIM)
Medical Surge Capacity and Capability (MSCC)

Healthcare Coalition Development and Implementation
Assessment of Healthcare Integration (research in cooperation with the Joint Commission Resources)

Management of Volunteers in Emergencies and Disasters

Large-scale and International Emergency Management

  1. Incident Command and MultiAgency Coordination Systems
  2. EOC organization and operations
  3. Netherlands, United States, Water Crisis Research Network (NUWCReN): The NUWCReN project is a network of four U.S. universities, one Netherlands university, and four Netherlands research centers. Project participants developed "lessons learned" from mass disasters and presented information and recommendations to members of the Netherlands government and emergency management officials in The Hague, Netherlands. The workshop was part of the Netherlands, United States, Water Crisis Research Network (NUWCReN) funded research project. Additionally, Profs. Shaw and Harrald co-authored two chapters in the book Flood Preparedness in the Netherlands: A U.S. Perspective: " Public/Private Partnerships for Flood and All Hazards Emergency and Disaster Management;" and " Mitigating and Managing the Health Impacts for a Catastrophic Coastal Flooding Scenario in the Netherlands." The project concludes in April 2012.
  4. Earthquake Study
  5. Collapsed Structure Emergency Response
  6. Management of coordination in international disaster and complex humanitarian emergency response
  7. Other

Maritime Risk Assessment

Doctoral Thesis Research - Representative Dissertations

Sergio de Cosmo
Lauren S. Fernandez
Stephen Fortier