Arlington County Public Health Volunteer Management System

The ACPH-VMS is a research based, NIMS consistent model which includes a detailed System Description and Concept of Operations. The System also includes an appendix with Position Descriptions and Qualifications for key positions and is “operationalized" through a toolkit containing process guidance, key position job action sheets (operational checklists), forms and other tools which serve to drive both the management of the system as well as the processing and managing of volunteers. While this is an Arlington County Public Health specific model, the ICDRM Project Team and Arlington County Public Health Steering Committee believe this system's concepts have wide application across the spectrum of public health and medical volunteer management.

This project was completed by the Institute for Crisis, Disaster & Risk Management (ICDRM) at the George Washington University. The ICDRM is an interdisciplinary academic center whose goals are to improve the disaster, emergency, and crisis management plans, actions and decisions of government, corporate, and not-for-profit organizations by transforming theory into practice. The Principal Investigator on this project is Joseph Barbera and the Project Coordinator is Valerie Seefried. The contributing authors are Lissa Westerman, Valerie Seefried, Joe Barbera, Anthony Macintyre, Lauren Fernandez, Greg Shaw and Sergio de Cosmo.

The ACPH-VMS Executive Summary, System Description, Concept of Operations, Appendix and toolkit may be accessed through the following links. Documents are provided in PDF format and Acrobat reader is required.

For the Executive Summary click here

For the System Description & Concept of Operations click here

(This package of files also includes the complete set of tools so that they could be hyperlinked to the Systems Description & Concept of Operations.)

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