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The Institute is a forum for exploring U.S.-Brazilian issues thoroughly and positively. While IBI activities stress the need for effective management of economic and business questions, they inevitably treat the broader national contexts into which these questions fit. These efforts strive to achieve two major goals.

The first objective is to bring together a wide range of businessmen, legislators, academicians, government experts, students, and others who have an interest in U.S.-Brazil relations. Their interaction with the Institute enriches their professional experience and contributes to greater understanding.

The second objective is to assist the expansion of mutually beneficial relations between the U.S. and Brazil. This objective implies both the resolution of outstanding differences and the opening of new cooperative efforts. The Institute supports efforts to structure an ongoing positive dialogue between the two countries.


   IBI's expanding programs emphasize the importance of effective business and public    management. Among its varied activities, the Institute:

   Offers the Minerva Program, a training course in modern economics and public management    for Brazilian civil servants;

   Organizes public conferences on issues relevant to U.S.-Brazil policy questions;

   Promotes academic courses and specialized seminars dealing with Brazil-related issues;

   Hosts luncheons with prominent speakers;

   Encourages academic and business research;

   Maintains professional links with key Brazilian universities and research organizations; and

   Offers Washington programs for visiting businessmen and scholars.


 The George Washington University

The George Washington University, which began in 1821 as the Columbian College of the  District of Columbia, received its present name in 1904. The University was founded to establish an institute of excellent academic training where students could gain personal experience in the operation of democratic government. While remaining faithful to this original objective, the University places particular emphasis on meeting the changing needs of modern society.

The George Washington University has grown into a leading academic center for American and foreign students. The University's proximity to the U.S. Congress, the Supreme Court, the agencies of the federal government, the multilateral institutions, and other organizations gives it a unique character and endows it with an exceptional wealth of educational    resources. The University's nine colleges, schools and divisions offer a wide range of programs encompassing every aspect of academic training. The students come from all sectors of the United States and the world, representing a diversity of cultures, viewpoints and interests. The combination of these factors makes the George Washington University an especially enjoyable and rewarding place to study.


School of Business

The GW School of Business has exceptional advantages for those preparing to engage in vital and often turbulent issues. Located just blocks from the White House and a quick Metro ride from Capitol Hill and a multitude of federal agencies, the School is ideally located for intense interaction at the center of power and influence. Direct access to this nation's most powerful leaders and influential thinkers has contributed to GW's ability to provide students with a unique vantage point to observe and to participate in activities that affect business and government.

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