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IBI-The Institute of Brazilian Issues was established in 1990 to promote stronger U.S.-Brazil relations within the changing international order. IBI seeks to do so by working with all interested parties, and especially the business sectors of both countries. It encourages the resolution of differences, and helps to identify areas where relations might be expanded. In essence, IBI promotes a greater convergence of viewpoints and interests between the two nations. The Institute operates within the Center for Latin American Issues, an integral part of the School of Business. The Institute's day-to-day activities are organized and directed by Kevin Kellbach.

Minerva Program Now Open to All Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean

Since 1994, IBI has offered its Minerva training program to public servants from Brazil. The program helps participants, who come from many different government ministries and agencies, to master concepts in economics, finance, economic policy-making, regulation, and public ethics. "Minervistas" return to their respective agencies more knowledgeable and better equipped to do their jobs.

Minerva is now open to public- and private-sector executives from all countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

For more information on Minerva, please click on the links below, or contact IBI at, or by phone at (202) 994-5205.

Updated April 26, 2017