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Our Program Execution

GEFRI will sponsor research in five principal ways:

  • Serving as a conduit for and providing grants and related research support to faculty, doctoral students, and, under some circumstances, masters and undergraduate level students;
  • Supporting one or more doctoral students for the course of their graduate education;
  • Implementing the Annual Conference, senior fellow program as well as periodic seminars;
  • Promoting research via the excellence awards program: The amount for these awards ranges from $2,500 to $10,000 each. To-date two prizes have been awarded.
    • A $5,000 prize to Peter Locke, Professor of Finance for his co-authored article “Professional Trader Discipline and Trade Disposition” published in the Journal of Financial Economics and,
    • A $2,500 prize to Marcus Souto, doctoral candidate in the School of Business, for his co-authored essay “Bubbles, Crashes and Sterilized Central Bank Interventions”.
  • Funding competitive research and the completion of research papers both in conjunction with its annual conference and through other competitive means.

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Ultimately (long-term), and very important, the Institute will serve as a unique concentration of competence and excellence in an important area of human endeavor. Its Fellowship program, the research support it provides, the scholarship it generates, and the programs it puts in place to offer its competence broadly, all of these help build a small virtuous circle that benefits the faculty and students of the University.