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Plans for Executive Education & Training

Building on and complementing GEFRI’s research agenda will be a second important component of the institute’s activities – executive education and training programs. Leveraging off the growing recognition of GW’s MSF and Entrepreneurship programs, a noncredit executive education program will be established; initially it will focus on an intensive on-campus program, but over time it is anticipated that it will expand to direct corporate programs provided in modular form. Faculty from across SB and the university would be likely participants in this executive education program. This program will begin with an Intensive Executive Education Program – patterned on the MIT technology program for executives – focused on global finance, particularly project and entrepreneurial finances – the objective will be within two years to have two such courses per year, 4-6 weeks long. The first such course will be held within the initial 18 month start up phase of the Institute. Professor Carayannis will take a leading role in the Executive Education Program.

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