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Our Mission

The Global and Entrepreneurial Finance Research Institute at The George Washington University promotes scholarship into global finance and its intersection with entrepreneurial finance activities. The Institute operates programs to support research on topics related to international financial markets, risk management and regulation as well as new and emerging markets and technologies. The Institute also provides education and outreach in areas related to its research agenda to include conferences, seminars and education and training programs.

Global Finance & Key Areas of Study

Global Finance combines U.S. and international dimensions of financial markets and institutions, financial management, risk management, and regulation.

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Entrepreneurial Finance

Entrepreneurial finance covers all the areas related to the identification, valuation, financing, and growth to transition or exit of new ventures. Venture Capital (VC) companies aim to exploit high growth opportunities in new and emerging markets and technologies.

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Top Down and Bottom Up

The Global and Entrepreneurial Finance Research Institute (“GEFRI”) pursues a combined top-down (global finance) and bottom-up (entrepreneurial finance) approach reflecting the belief that the essential elements of globalization in markets, finance and technology are best addressed with a global context but a local focus.

Our research efforts cover theoretical as well as applied research. The former clearly reflects the institute's theoretical heritage, however reflecting the realties of the global business environment and related challenges, the institute plans to pursue applied research programs.