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Key areas of study

The key areas of study include:
  • Financial Institution and sovereign risk measurement and management
  • Domestic and global fixed income, equity, and real estate capital markets
  • Valuation of assets and derivative instruments traded on these markets
  • Bond (including High-Yield bond) market structure, valuation, and portfolio management
  • Management (return and risk) of investment portfolios held by institutions, governments and individuals
  • Organization, efficiency, and regulation of major financial institutions (banks, pension funds, real estate finance organizations, mutual funds, hedge funds, etc.) operating in global markets
  • Role and functioning of major domestic and international regulatory and policy organizations
  • Role of Corporate and Project objectives on sourcing and structuring of global financing
  • Capital flows and the sourcing of funding for global businesses/projects
  • Structuring of global financings
  • Financial reporting, information management, and analytical software systems used to connect the global financial system
  • Financial management of public and private organizations