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Our Mission

The Global and Entrepreneurial Finance Research Institute (GEFRI) supports the creation and dissemination of knowledge in the areas of globalization of markets, finance and technology and their impact on the financing of new or emerging business opportunities. This support is provided through targeted research grants, research excellence awards, conferences, a working paper series, and educational programs.

Located on the George Washington University campus in the heart of Washington D.C., GEFRI builds on the strengths of GWU and the Business School in the areas of financial risk measurement and modeling, international finance, market regulation and development, and entrepreneurial finance. Combined with its proximity to multilateral financial organizations, U.S. governmental agencies dealing with global issues and the vibrant Washington D.C. high tech and entrepreneurial communities, GEFRI draws on a unique set of skills and resources.

2008 Global Finance Forum

Oil Price Volatility, Economic Impacts, and Financial Management: Risk-Management Experience, Best Practice, and Outlook

Are oil prices heading towards $150 or $50? As oil prices remain high and volatile, and global current account imbalances widen, the world economy faces heightened risks and volatility.

High and volatile oil prices threaten economies of oil-exporting and oil-importing developing countries, and pose challenges to financial sector stability, growth and poverty. Meanwhile, new players emerged in the oil market such as Sovereign Wealth Funds and oil hedge funds with varying degree of transparency. Policymakers the world over are looking for information and analysis on oil-price dynamics as well as instruments for risk management.

In responding to client demand, the Global Enterprise Research Institute, the World Bank Institute and the George Washington University jointly organized this global finance forum to provide a platform for global policy dialogue, enhance skills on risk management instruments, and look ahead to likely future scenarios. Invited speakers include world renowned economists, prominent experts and strategists from the energy sector, investment banks, sovereign wealth funds, and major multinationals as well as staff from the IMF and World Bank Group.

The fee for attending this event is US$1,200. This fee includes the expenses of the welcome reception, instructors’ fees, books, training materials, light lunches and coffee breaks during the days of the conference.

For further information and to sign up please visit http://financelearning.org/oil2008.

2006 Global Finance Conference Program

GEFRI’s Spring 2006 Global Finance conference will focus on Sovereign and Systemic Bank Risk Measurement and Modeling. It is scheduled for April 24’th in the Jack Morton Auditorium located at 21’st and H St. N.W., Washington, D.C., on The George Washington University campus. A number of highly regarded global finance professionals and researchers have agreed to participate. We expect that many of the attendees will be Ministry of Finance, Central Bank, multi-lateral finance, bank regulators, and other finance and economic professionals.

2005 Research Excellence Awards

GEFRI is pleased to announce:

the award of a $5000 Prize for Research Excellence to Peter Locke, Professor of Finance, for his co-authored article, “Professional Trader Discipline and Trade Disposition”, published in the Journal of Financial Economics, and,

the award of a $2500 Prize for Research Excellence to Marcos Souto, a Doctoral Candidate in the School of Business, for his co-authored essay, “Bubbles, Crashes, and Sterilized Central Bank Interventions”.