Stanley William Hayter

This is Hayter, my teacher, at the time of his visit to my F street studio in 1965. He spent several hours talking to a group of my students from the Corcoran about his career, his prints, and his teaching. He was the founder and owner of the Atelier 17 in Paris which was named that because of its original address 17 rue Campagne-Premiere in Montparnasse. It was next to Chez Rosalie, the restaurant once owned by Rosalie, Whistler's favorite model.

When I studied with him, he was on rue Daguerre which was in an alley near the Gaite metro. The place was a major safety hazard with people smoking Gauloise cigarettes constantly as the cleaned their plates with gasolene! Although Hayter was very tempermental, he was a remarkably generous and dedicated teacher. Without his guidance, I would never have been able to learn to handle the burin and to engrave in the manner of Durer.

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