Thomas Mann once wrote in a preface to Herman Hesse's Demian that we must "assist the new without sacrificing the old. The best servitors of the new may be those who know and love the old and carry it over into the new." We need to believe this, I feel, in order to be artists and to reaffirm the pleasures of humanistic existence.

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y paintings and prints represent an effort to depict of my life what is most meaningful: my family, friends, and students; the images conveyed by the things which strengthen a desire to express my life rather than to reflect my time.

It is to Humanism and to the respect for man's skill and craftsmanship that my work is dedicated. Sometimes this means looking into the past to rediscover the visual power and expressive language of an earlier medium. Sometimes it means developing a new medium which has new capabilities to help one to "speak" with quality and clarity.

  The most recent, but not the last, in a series of paintings on Giverny

  Giverny, painted in 2009 and based on photographs from 1990, this large vertical oriented canvas was exacting to the last detail

Monet in Giverny  View Wright's work: Monet in Giverny

Arc  View Wright's recent work: World War I Victory Parade at the Arch of Triumph

View Wright's most recent painting: Harper's Ferry, commissioned by Capitol One Bank.

B.F. Saul Commision  View Wright's recent commissioned work: Pennsylvania Avenue from the Treasury Steps in the Early 1890's commissioned by B.F. Saul.

View the completed version of Paris on the River Seine

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