printemps 2010
(Directeur: M. MARSHALL)

Heures de bureau
(Office Hours)


lundi, mercredi et vendredi de 15h20 à 15h50 dans la salle Phillips Hall 111;
le lundi de 16h50 à 17h20 dans la salle Phillips Hall 513B.


Spring 2010 Schedule
Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Section 10 : (CRN 31083) 9h35-10h25 Phillips Hall, salle 111
Section 12 : (CRN 30807) 11h10-12h00 Phillips Hall, salle 111
Section 11 : (CRN 30294) 12h45-13h35 Phillips Hall, salle 111
Section 14 : (CRN 32029) 14h20-15h10 Phillips Hall, salle 111
Section 13 : (CRN 31980) 15h55-16h45 Phillips Hall, salle 111
Section 15 : (CRN 36671) 17h00-17h50 Phillips Hall, salle 209

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Student Learning Objectives:
French 10 is the second course in a two-course sequence designed for Advanced students of French. This course is designed to continue expanding the range and complexity of conversational skills and to develop the students’ ability to write and comprehend more elaborate, expository prose on a broad range of subjects.  In addition to the readings assignments in La France contemporaine, a selection of texts, audio and video materials will serve as the basis for improving oral expression, analytical reading and critical writing skills. French 10 also continues an intensive grammar review begun in French 09.
ACTFL proficiency level: Advanced Mid / Advanced High
It is the policy of the Department that classes be conducted in French.


Available at the University bookstore and, where indicated, on Reserve at Gelman Library.
You can search the Reserve list via:
Course: GW - 010: FREN
The textbooks are also available from many online merchants. If you prefer to order online, it is strongly advised that you do so before August 1 to ensure that the book arrives in time.


La civilisation française en évolution II:
Institutions et culture depuis la Ve République
Heinle : Steele & St. Onge
ISBN : 0838460097
Gelman 2-hour Reserve: Call Number: DC33 .S83 1996


L’essentiel de la Grammaire Française, 3ème édition
Prentice Hall : Schultz & Hoffmann
ISBN : 0132947943
Gelman 2-hour Reserve: Call Number: PC2111 .H69 or PC2112 .H56 1995


Travaux pratiques, 3 ème édition
Prentice Hall : Hoffmann & Schultz
ISBN : 0133391930
Gelman 2-hour Reserve: Call Number: PC2112 .H561 1995




A French-French Dictionary

Larousse de Poche



Le Robert Micro
Le Robert



Le dictionnaire Larousse en ligne



Le Trésor de la Langue Française informatisé

A French-English Dictionary

Students in French 10 are expected to use a French-French dictionary for reading. For writing, there are many inexpensive small French-English Dictionaries that may be of use. Students who plan to continue their study of French, however, should definitely consider a larger, more complete (but more expensive...) dictionary such as the Larousse Advanced French-English, English-French Dictionary or the HarperCollins Robert French Unabridged Dictionary.

  Most on-line French-English dictionaries are NOT sufficient for the needs of French 10. These two are exceptions:

Verb Conjugation

Bescherelle 1: La Conjugaison Pour Tous
ISBN: 2218717166


Conjugaison verbale Conjugaison verbale (good, on-line verb conjugator)

(Feel free to ask your instructor for details.)
A and A-: A represents work that is exceptional.
A- represents work of excellent quality that indicates a full mastery of the subject for an intermediate level.
B+, B, and B-: B+ represents work of very good quality.
B is for work of good quality.
B- for work whose quality is adequate.
C+, C, and C- C+, C, and C- grades designate poor to very poor command of the course material
D+, D, and D- : D+, D, and D- grades indicate work that shows a significant deficiency in knowledge of the material.
F: F is a failing grade representing work that deserves very little or no credit.

Grade Scale:



94-100 A
90-93 A-
87-89 B+
84-86 B
80-83 B-
77-79 C+
74-76 C
70-73 C-
67-69 D+
64-66 D
60-63 D-
<60 F

Determination of Course Grade:
25%  Homework, Participation, Compositions
25%  Quizzes ( 4 )
20%  Mid-term Exam  ( oral and written)
30%  Final Exam  ( oral and written)

Please note: There will be NO extra-credit.

Exams, quizzes, homework:
Homework will include readings and questions from the textbook and supplementary materials, audio and video recordings, compositions, and the new on-line grammar review “Les Webzercices”. Students are expected to complete all assignments as indicated on the syllabus.

Announced and unannounced (!) quizzes may be given at anytime. You should thus always feel free to ask questions either in class or via email at No question is too simple!

Mid-term and Final:
During the mid-semester and final examination periods for this class, there will be both written and oral exams.  Details will be provided in class.

Class Participation:
Daily, active participation is required of all students. You can best learn French by coming to class
on a regular basis and being involved in classroom activities. Note that you are not expected to speak perfect  French. For many activities, your participation grade will be based on your willingness to communicate and your effort to make yourself understood even if you make mistakes. If you are particularly timid and fear that you will have difficulty speaking, do not hesitate to contact your professor. He will be glad to give you suggestions on how to best take advantage of classroom activities.

Attendance and make-up policies:
Given the importance of listening and speaking skills, as well as the intense nature of French 10, attending every class is extremely important. Unexcused absences of any kind as well as repeated lateness will have a negative effect on your final grade. Penalities will also apply to tests and exams missed without official justification.

Special policy regarding absences for Spring 2010:
If you have or think you have the flu, you should not come to class. However, you must contact your professor as soon as possible via email. He or she will then determine the appropriate assignments for you to complete so that you do not fall behind during your absence.

University policy: "If absent for an examination [test, quiz, oral or written exam], students must also provide a note from a health care professional about their flu-like symptoms. In addition, students whose flu-like symptoms extend beyond the normal period of contagion (7-10 days) should schedule an appointment with Student Health or a physician for professional attention. Instructors can expect a formal note verifying this type of condition."

If face-to-face classes are cancelled, your instructor will provide you with details (via email or on the course web site) regarding assignments and alternative means of continuing instruction.

Students are responsible for informing the instructor in advance of any exceptional intended absences, such as religious observances.

Please note: If you have a documented disability and wish to discuss academic accommodation, please see your instructor as soon as possible.

Academic Honesty :

Students are expected to be familiar with the GW Code of Academic Integrity, available at

This means that all homework, essays, papers, oral presentations and exams must be the student's own work. Any information from other people, including print or Internet sources, be they direct quotations or paraphrased material, should be cited appropriately. Gelman Library provides helpful suggestions for proper citations for written work. See their Citation Style Guides and click on MLA (or try this direct link: ). For oral work in French 10, you are expected to mention any sources during your presentation.

The use of online translation services or of any other translation not that of the student are also considered plagiarism and are not accepted. If you need help with any aspect of your work in French 10, including particular questions regarding compostions and/or presentations, you should ask your professor.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, do not hesitate to contact your professor.

Students who fail to properly cite sources or who commit any other form of plagiarism will be subject to sanctions as outlined in the Code of Academic Integrity. French program sanctions also include the automatic lowering of the final course grade by one or more letter grades.

Questions? Envoyez un email au Professeur MARSHALL à