DEUX PARTIES (Two parts):
i) Partie 1 - INSCRIVEZ-VOUS !

A) If you took French 1002 in the last year:
Your acount is still valid! Log into MyFrenchLab, click on "Enroll in a course", and add the Course ID (see syllabus in Blackboard).
If you did not take French 1002 at GW, register here by clicking on "OK ! Register Now".
> Insert the "Course ID" (see syllabus in Blackboard).
> If you are certain to take 1003, follow the instructions for purchasing the code with a credit card or Paypal.
**IMPORTANT: Choose the "single semester" code !

> If you are NOT certain to take 1003, choose the "get temporary access without payment for 14 days" option at the bottom of the "Select an Option" page.


(Prepare your browser !)
>Once you have logged into your MyFrenchLab account, you should see a "Getting Started" window. Be sure to click on both "1: Tune-Up your Browser" (you only need Flash) and "2: Disable Popup Blockers".
**If you do not see these options, you may first need to disable your popup blocker.

Si, après avoir fait "Tune-Up your Browser" et "Disable Popup Blockers", vous avez des problèmes avec MyFrenchLab, contactez Pearson Customer Support ( ou 888-378-3486 ou 800-677-6337). En attendant, notez qu'il y a une copie du livre Chez Nous sur Reserve à la bibliothèque Gelman pour que vous puissiez préparer les devoirs.

If, after having done "Tune-Up your Browser" and "Disable Popup Blockers", you have any problems with MyFrenchLab, contact Pearson Customer Support ( or 888-378-3486 or 800-677-6337). In the meantime, note that there is a copy of the book Chez Nous on Reserve at Gelman Library so that you can prepare the homework.

SOME TIPS that have solved MyFrenchLab problems in the past:

> completely exit all windows of the browser and try again (and, if you have not done so recently, restart your computer)

> if the above does not work, clear the browser cache:
Safari / Chrome / Firefox

> if you are still having problems, make sure that you "accept all cookies" and that security is set to "Standard" (not "enhanced") - usually under Privacy & Security.

> OR try a different browser

> for SAFARI: go to Preferences, Privacy and uncheck "Prevent cross-site tracking"

> For older MACs:
- Install Firefox
- Go to the MyFrenchLab page
- If you see a message indicating your OS (operating system), continue using Firefox (be sure to allow pop-up windows). Everything used on our courses should work normally.