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B.A., Dickinson College, 1962
M.A., Ph.D. University of Wisconsin--Madison. 1964, 1968

SCHOLARSHIP: Books and Articles (DHFFC books listed under FFCP publications)

The Politics of the First Congress, 1789-1791 (Garland Publishing Co., New York 1990)
The Creation of Washington, D.C. The Idea and Location of the American Capital (George Mason University Press. Fairfax, Va., 1991)
Creating the Federal City. 1774-1800: Potomac Fever (American institute of Architects. 1988). Heavily illustrated catalog for Octagon Museum exhibit.
Washington History Magazine (guest editor of the 1991 and 2000 bicentennial issues)
"Dinner at Jefferson's A Note on Jacob F. Cooke's The Compromise of 1790." William and Mary Quarterly. 3rd series, 28(1971), 629-40 (Reprinted. Joel H. Sibley, et. al. eds. The Congress of the United States. 7789-1989. Carlson Publishing Inc. New York. 1991)
"'The Bank Bill, the Capital City and President Washington." Capitol Studies, 1 (1972).
"GoodBy 'Charle' The Lee-Adams Interest and the Political Demise of Charles Thomson. Secretary of Congress. 1774-1789," Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography 100 (1976). 314-35
"A 'Tub to the Whale': The Founding Fathers and the Adoption of the Federal Bill of Rights," Journal of the Early Republic. 8 (1988) 223-51 (Reprinted, Joel H Sibley. Congress and elsewhere.)
"'Neither a Indian Wigwam nor the Wilderness': Competitors for the Federal Capital. 1787-1790." Prologue: The Journal of the National Archives 20 (1988). 163-79.
"New York City. Capital of the United States, 1785-1790." in Stephen L. Schechter and Wendell Tripp. eds. World of the Founders New York Communities in the Federal Period (Albany, 1990).
"Overshadowed by States' Rights Ratification of the Federal Bill of Rights," in Ronald Hoffman and Peter J. Albert. eds., The Bill of Rights Government Proscribed (Charlottesville and London, 1997). 77-102
"Philadelphia On the Arrival of the Federal Government and the Republican Court. 1790-1791 in Kenneth R. Bowling and Donald R. Kennon, eds. Neither Separate nor Equal Congress in the 1790s (Athens, Ohio. 2000)


1995- Editorial Board. Washington History
1995-'Dissertation Bibliographer, the Journal of the Early Republic
1994- Visiting Lecturer, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Russia
1993-2001 Director, U S. Capitol Historical Society Annual Conferences on Congress.
1987- Lecturer, Mount Vernon, Dumbarton House, Independence National Historical Park, Smithsonian Institution, Library of Congress, Taft Institute for Two-Party Government, and the Historical Society of Washington
1987- Consultant to the National Archives, the National Geographic Society, the United States Commission on the Bicentennial of the Constitution, the Virginia Bicentennial Constitution, Dumbarton House, and Gunston Hall


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