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Rep. Benjamin Goodhue of Massachusetts to the Salem Insurance Officers,
June 11, 1789

New York June 11th 89


      Nothing new has occur'd since my last, except the Senate's reducing Mollasses to 2 1/2 cents. And they hae taken off the draw back on N. Ed. and W. India Rum – they have pass'd upon the bill, and it will tomorrow be sent to the House for their concurrence in the amendments, but how it will fare with us I can't pretend to say.

      The Bill for collecting the duties is before us, but its so complicated and concerning which there are such various ideas, that it will take a long time to bring it to an issue – We have made but small progress, and the first and great principles of what it may be, are not yet settled in all respects – it was agreed to day that all Goods in foreign bottoms and goods from China the E. Indies should be confined to certain limited ports for their delivery, less in number than goods in our own vessels from other foreign countries – but the ports for such purposes are not yet named.

I am with great regard      


B. Goodhue                


(Letter courtesy of the New York Society Library))

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