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Rep. Elias Boudinot (N.J.) to Hannah Stockton Boudinot, May 15, 1789

New York May 15 1789

     After a very pleasant Passage of one Hour & an half, we arrived safe in this dirty City--The difference of the wholesome Country Air, from the Stench of the filthy Streets was so apparent, as to effect our smelling Faculties greatly.

     Last Evening we spent at the Count de Moustiers where was a most splendid Ball indeed--After the President came in--a Company of Eight Couple formed in the other Room & came in two & two, and began a most curious Dance called En Ballet--Four of the Gente. were dressed in French Regimentals, and four in American Uniforms--four of the Ladies with blue Ribbons round their Heads & american flowers, and four with red Roses & Flowers of France. These danced in a very curious Manner, sometimes two & two—-Sometimes four Couple & four Couple and then in a Moment all together which formed great Entertainment for the Spectators, & to shew the happy Union between the two Nations--Three Rooms were filled, and the fourth was most elegantly set off as a Room for refreshment a long Table Crossed the Room in the Middle from Wall to Wall-—the whole wall inside was covered with Shelves filled with Cakes, Oranges, Apples, Wines of all Sorts Ice Creams & highly lighted up--A Number of Servants maids? Suopplied the Guests with every Thing they wanted from time to time as they came in to refresh themselves, which they did as often as a Party had done dancing & made way for another--We retired about Ten oClock in the Heighth of the Jollity--This will do for one Night in a Season, but I am soon tired of that which is not Bread--I would far prefer an Evening with my beloved Wife & Friends, tho’ it suits the genius of the City & is well enough in its Place.

     How fortunate were we in getting Home on Wednesday before the violent Storm--We saw it coming up as we crossed the Bay, and had the begining of it.

     I shall expect you to morrow, but beg you will not come unless the Weather & Wind is very favourable.

     I must beg you will desire Tobias to send me by you certified Copies of the Rules I left with him to be Entered with Mr. Livingston in Waldie & Ellis’s Causes.

     Remember me to all your female Circle. And accept of the sincerest Expressions of Love & Esteem from Your Affectionate



your Niece sends Love &c.

bring with you a Bottle of Tarlington.


Mrs. Boudinot.

(Letter courtesy of the Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries)

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