Birth of the Nation: The First Federal Congress 1789-1791
The First Federal Congress

Representative Fisher Ames

Fisher Ames

Painting (c. 1807) by Gilbert Stuart

Courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

Representative Fisher Ames
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Life dates: 9 April 1758-4 July 1808
Place of Residence (1789): Dedham, Massachusetts
Occupation (1789): Lawyer
Place of Birth: Dedham, Massachusetts
Age (March 4, 1789): 30
Religion (1789): Unknown
College Education: Harvard
Marital Status (1789): Single
Military Service during the Revolutionary War: Volunteer, State Militia (three weeks)
Prior Political Offices: State Legislature
Delegate to Federal Convention: No
Delegate to State Ratification Convention: Yes
Pro/Anti ratification of Constitution: Pro
Support for strong central government (particularly in its executive functions) Moderate
Last year of continuous service in House: 1797
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