Presidential Merit Fellowships


The purpose of the Presidential Merit Fellowship is to provide research-oriented departments or programs with the means to recruit outstanding full-time, doctoral students with strong scholarly potential. The truly extraordinary doctoral students selected will be paired with leading mentors in GW's strongest research areas, who will foster rich educational experiences for the Fellows and be mentors in the truest sense. In order to fuller promote a rich educational experience, departments are encouraged to structure the Presidential Merit Fellowships as a mix of fellowship, teaching assistantship and research assistantship over the course of the Fellows' studies.


The Fellowships consist of a stipend ranging from $19,000-$25,000 and 18-24 credit hours of tuition. (The students are responsible for all fees and credit hours beyond the number of credit hours designated by their specific award. The students' departments or schools may, if they so choose, cover charges beyond the original award.) The awards are renewable, assuming students are in good academic standing and making satisfactory progress toward their degrees.


Students cannot apply for this fellowship, they must be recommended by a Presidential Merit Fellow Mentor.

The recommended candidates must be incoming doctoral students with minimum GPAs of 3.5 and should be at the 85th or higher percentile on the GREs. Higher GRE scores could offset a lower GPA and vice versa. International applicants must have passed the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum score of 600 on the paper-based exam or 250 on the computer-based exam. In addition, and very importantly, each candidate must be a good match to a particular mentor or group of mentors.

Current Presedential Merit Fellows

  • Rui Boliqueime Martins Diogo – A Fellow in the Hominid Paleobiology program whose mentor is Dr. Bernard Wood.
  • Anna Gedzior – A Fellow in the Psychology department whose mentor is Dr. XXX.
  • Anna S. Gordon – A Fellow in the Statistics department whose mentor is Dr. XXX.
  • Stephen Jackson – A Fellow in the History department whose mentor is Dr. XXX.
  • Brian Karlsson – A Fellow in the Political Science department whose mentor is Dr. Martha Finnemore.
  • Laurie Lahey – A Fellow in the American Studies program whose mentor is Dr. XXX.
  • Amanda Matthews – A Fellow in the Biomedical Sciences department whose mentor is Dr. XXX.
  • Katherine Myers – A Fellow in the Physics Department whose mentor is Dr. XXX.
  • Radmila Sazdanovic– A Fellow in the Mathematics department whose mentor is Dr. Jozef Przytycki.
  • Russell Williams – A Fellow in the Biomedical Sciences department whose mentor is Dr. XXX.
  • Bing Yuan – A Fellow in the Public Policy department whose mentor is Dr. Hal Wolman.

Application Process

Incoming students should contact the respective mentor for more information

Renewal Process – For Current Presidential Merit Fellows

Current Presidential Merit Fellows, if eligible for renewal of their award, will be mailed a renewal application from The Office of Graduate Student Assistantships and Fellowships during the Spring semester.