The Bender Scholarship at the University of Cambridge


The program, modeled after the Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships, will give a George Washington University graduate the opportunity to study for one or two years at the University of Cambridge, a university of world-renown. If you would like to know more about studying in the U.K., visit the British Embassy's Education site.

The amount of the Bender Scholarship will be based on the financial circumstances of the recipient and available funds. The Scholarship is for all or part of the student's tuition and fees, room, board, books, and personal expenses at the University of Cambridge, as well as travel between Washington, D.C. and Cambridge, England, for each year of the Scholarship.

Selection Process

For the Scholarship must have applied for the Rhodes and/or Marshall Scholarship(s) during the year of application for the Bender Scholarship. Our Bender Scholarship Committee will choose two finalists whose applications will be sent on to Cambridge. If both candidates are accepted for study, Cambridge will choose the winner or the results of the rankings from the Bender Committee will be the deciding factor. The Scholarship will become official when the University of Cambridge's college or department to which the student is applying accepts and approves our nominated Bender Scholar.

The Bender Scholarship Committee will consider the following criteria: strength of character, public service, and demonstrated leadership ability. The principal criteria will be academic accomplishment and promise. Generally the undergraduate GPA should be 3.7 or above. Consideration will also be given to the plan of study at Cambridge as well as the recommendation from our Rhodes and Marshall Committee.

Moral Repayment Obligation

It is important to note that the endowment donor believes that, if circumstances permit, the recipient will have the moral obligation at some time in the future to repay the scholarship money in full to the endowment fund so that it may grow to increase the number of future available scholarships.

Please contact the GW Center for Undergraduate Fellowships and Research for information on advising and applications for this fellowship.