I am pleased to welcome you to this website, designed especially for first-time Graduate Assistants at the George Washington University.

Your very special appointments are, as I view them, splendid opportunities to learn by doing; to learn how to present yourself and stimulate learning as a professor of trainer, to learn how to do cutting-edge research, to learn how to work effectively and as a team members in an administrative role.

If you exploit the learning opportunities available to you, serving as a graduate assistant can be an integral part of your education and professional development.

This website intends to help you in that regard to acclimate you to GW, inform you of resources available to you, and direct you to assistance when you need it.

Meanwhile, we know that you, through your assistantship activities, will contribute positively to GW. I thank you for those important contributions and wish you the very best in your career.


Geri Rypkema

Assistant Provost, Office of Graduate Student Assistantships and Fellowships

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