Course Description: EDUC 6425

Developing Effective Training with Technology

Technology is reshaping how organizations work and learn. This course will give educational technology leaders valuable skills in making effective use of technology in developing, delivering, and evaluating training. In our rapidly changing environment the ability to present training that uses technology to inform, motivate, and prepare learners is crucial.

The foundations for these skills come from instructional design, technology utilizations, media-selection, communications, organizational behavior, and the application of advanced educational technologies. The course has been designed around the belief that critical thinking is vital to a world in which personality and image often substitute substance and thought.

In general terms we can say that the goal of this course is the understanding, planning and production of highly effective technology-rich training that meet institutional and organizational needs.

Course Objectives

After you have successfully completed this course you will be able to:

        Conduct a target audience analysis

        Make appropriate and justifiable media-selection decisions

        Design and develop technology-rich training plans

        Analyze and synthesize current research findings related to technology applications in training

        Evaluate the characteristics of face-to-face and distance media for distance only and blended learning options

        Assess technology-rich training and make suggestions for improvement.

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