Course Description: EDUC 6405

Developing Multimedia Materials

Course Description: This course is designed to acquaint students with the design, development, integration, and use of multimedia resources in education and training settings. Students will examine and critique multimedia technologies, develop instructional materials, and create a unit/module that applies instructional design theory.

Objectives - Students will:

  1. Understand and apply advanced principles of web design, instructional design, Universal Design for Learning, usability, graphic design, accessibility, and copyright - particularly examining how these apply to the World Wide Web
  2. Explore definitions of and issues about e-learning
  3. Evaluate and utilize Internet resources for designing instruction
  4. Develop instructional materials for the WWW
  5. Design a web-based unit/module of instruction
  6. Develop a project management report based on a unit/module of instruction
  7. Evaluate and provide constructive feedback to peers

Prerequisites: None currently indicated.



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