Course Description: EDUC 6402

Computers in Education & Human Development

This course is designed to give students appropriate foundational knowledge and skill for advanced work in educational computing. Students will be asked to develop a practical, but critical, understanding of the educational issues surrounding the use of computers in the classroom and in training settings including:

History of educational computing: its impact on practice & sentiments

Research perspectives on the current state of educational computing

Developing a philosophy of educational computing

Educational criteria for hardware/software selection and evaluation

Developing worthwhile computer related activities for the classroom

The course is conducted at a distance by means of streaming video and regular interaction on the internet. Convenient access to a computer equipped with a modem and telecommunications software is necessary to take this course as well as an internet account (including web access).

After completing this course, you should be able to demonstrate the following competencies:

Demonstrate leadership in the area of educational computing

Be able to describe a range of different ways of using computers in education

Explain and justify your personal philosophy of educational computing

Select and evaluate software and hardware for school applications

Develop lessons involving computers for a variety of different classroom settings

Know how to solve and prevent problems associated with computer use

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