Course Description: EDUC 6371

Education Policy

This course is designed to help prepare leaders of education and training technology to be effective actors in the policy processes of local schools, corporations, and non-profit organizations. Policy is one of the primary means by which leadership is exercised. The course will help students to discern the premises underlying various policies, to participate effectively in the policy process, and to understand the potential and limitations of policy.

This course will provide students with considerable knowledge about education and training policy, but the main focus will be on helping each student to prepare a credible education or training policy proposal for a problem or opportunity of interest to him/her. The policy can be for a school, school district, corporation, non-profit organization, city, county, state, or the federal government. Students who wish are encouraged to introduce their completed proposal and advocate for its adoption, but that is not required for this course. The instructors are not content with you leaving the course knowing a great deal about policy. They want you to be able to craft policy proposals that have a good chance of being adopted, being implemented as intended, and improving education or training.

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