Plase call the ETL Program Administrative offices at toll-free 1-866-498-3382 for current tuition rates.

Registration Fees 

1. During regularly scheduled registration period $75 
2. Late registration during and after the first week of the semester. $80 


Students may pay tuition invoices by check or by credit card.

Student Financial Assistance Office  

The Student Financial Assistance Office can be reached at 202-994-6620. Visit for more details on financial aid. Not all students taking ETL courses will be eligible for the various types of assistance mentioned on the GSEHD website. Please check with the Financial Assistance Office to learn which forms of assistance may apply to you.

Federal Aid 

ETL Masters Degree students enrolled in the ETL Program as degree candidates may be eligible for Federal Financial Aid programs. ETL Graduate Certificate students are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid programs.

Alternative Loans

Both ETL Masters Degree students and ETL Graduate Certificate students may be eligible for Alternative Loan programs. Eligible students must be degree candidates or certificate candidates in order to be eligible for Alternative Loans

Funding Your Education

ETL students may also be eligible for other sources of funding and scholarships. Please see the Graduate School of Education and Human Development's Tuition Support information page for additional information.





The Educational Technology Leadership Program's
Masters Degree and Graduate Certificates
are offered through
The Graduate School of Education and Human Development
Educational Technology Leadership Program
2134 G Street N.W., Washington D.C. 20052
For further information call:
(571) 553-0106 or toll free (866) 498-3382
You may also send e-mail to: