Graduate Certificates Offered by
The ETL Program

The Educational Technology Leadership (ETL) program offers both a Masters Degree (MA) and Graduate Certificates. All courses are offered at a distance and are delivered entirely via the Internet. Students never need to come to campus. The program is part of the Graduate School of Education and Human Development at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Both Masters Degree and Certificate students share the same courses. The certificates are each 18 credit hours in length and are very focused on one aspect of the field like Instructional Design, E-learning or Multimedia Development. Whereas, the Masters Degree is 36 credit hours in length and is much broader and extensive in nature. To help support our students, all ETL Masters Degree and Graduate Certificate students receive program specific administrative and technical support.

If you choose to complete an ETL Graduate Certificate, all 18 credit hours may be transferred to the ETL Masters Degree. Since application requirements are somewhat different, acceptance into a Graduate Certificate does not guarantee acceptance into the Masters Degree.

The George Washington University does not distinguish between distance and face-to-face degrees. Therefore, the diploma or certificate you receive from the ETL program is similar to those received from other face-to-face programs at the University.

Graduate Certificates

The six career-enhancing Graduate Certificates offered by the ETL program are:

   Graduate Certificate in E-Learning

   Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design

   Graduate Certificate in Multimedia Development

   Graduate Certificate in Training and Educational Technology

   Graduate Certificate in Leadership in Educational Technology

   Graduate Certificate in Integrating Technology into Education



The Educational Technology Leadership Program's
Masters Degree and Graduate Certificates
are offered through
The Graduate School of Education and Human Development
Educational Technology Leadership Program
2134 G Street N.W., Washington D.C. 20052
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