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Question: What else did Eleanor Roosevelt write?

[picture: Dust jacket of UN: Today and Tommorow]Eleanor Roosevelt left a voluminous written legacy. She wrote twenty-seven books, more than 8,000 columns, and over 555 articles. She received an average of 175,000 letters a year while she served as first lady. While no official estimates of her post-White House correspondence exist, research done by our staff suggests that she received an average of 50,000 letters and generated an average of 21,000 letters annually from 1945-1962. (For example, the very public debate she had with Francis Cardinal Spellman over federal aid to parochial schools generated 6,000 letters in one month.) She delivered more than seventy-five speeches a year. She never used a ghostwriter. For a complete listing, click on this link to the Eleanor Roosevelt Bibliography.