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Eleanor Roosevelt to John F. Kennedy

Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt
55 East 74th Street
New York City 21, N. Y.

August 16, 1960

Dear Senator:

I want to thank you for coming to see me at Hyde Park last Sunday. It certainly was a busy day for you, but I am very grateful for the chance you gave me for this talk.

I had been asked to report to several people on our talk and I thought you would like to know what I said to Mary Lasker. I enclose a copy of my letter to her. A similar letter has gone to Ruth Field, and I have reported verbally to Agnes Meyer, Anna Rosenberg and Mr. Bob Benjamin who came in to see me after spending the evening with you and some of the business men, and who is planning to raise some money for your cause here in New York. He counts on the above mentioned ladies to help in his smallish money raising dinner which he hopes to have in September.

Franklin will tell me how you felt about our time together and what you would really like me to do. In the meantime, I will be at a press conference tomorrow for the NY Citizens Committee, and I will speak to a group of workers in the Citizens Committee in the Bronx at the invitation of Robert Morgenthau, who is in charge of the Committee in the Bronx, before the 22nd when I go abroad.

I will be home the evening of September 14th, and I would be grateful if before I leave you could ask Franklin, Jr. to tell me if there is anything outside of this state that you really need me to do.

If you possibly can, I think it would be wise to call Anna Rosenberg before she leaves for Europe on August 22nd and ask for her help. She will be twice as anxious to work for you if she feels that you personally have contacted her and consider her help important.

With my good wishes,

Very sincerely yours,

Eleanor Roosevelt

Southport, Conn.
Clearwater 9-1668

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