My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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NEW YORK—A woman writes to me objecting to the granting by the United States of assistance to Thailand because someone, who probably knew nothing about it, wrote an article saying that the Queen of Thailand, who with her husband has been touring this country, had a wardrobe valued at a perfectly ridiculous amount.

I would like to point out that in giving aid to a country, we try to channel it to the people so that they may have a better standard of living, and it is technical assistance, both through the United Nations and through our own programs, that is of real value in developing these countries.

These nations will become less of a burden to us if their people become healthier, if education is available to all, and if their income is raised to the point where they are relieved of the poverty and disease that, in most cases, ties them down and makes them backward areas.

I opened a health exhibit at the New York Coliseum last Saturday that will run to July 24 and, I think, interest everybody. There are not only exhibits by Federal agencies, the armed forces, state and city health departments, proprietary drug firms and major voluntary non-profit health organizations, but visitors can actually see certain things in operation.

For instance, a person can be tested for diabetes right there on the spot. A number of other tests will be conducted, and there will be free movies on health and medical subjects. It is hoped to make this an annual exhibition to keep people up to date on the subject and to remind them, as the exhibit's theme says, that "Your Health Comes First"

The United Nations has just issued a fascinating book for children which I think parents would be delighted to have for their young ones.

On the back page is a chart of all the flags of the member United Nations in color, and the book gives drawings of all the flags ready for coloring, with such pertinent information as what continent the country is in, its area in square miles, population, capital, major resources, languages and, if any, its national holiday.

By way of coloring the flags, children will assimilate in a painless way much information that will stay in their minds.