My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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NEW YORK—It is a sad thing that highway deaths over the holidays seem impossible to prevent. Also, there are always a certain number of accidents that arise from swimming and boating and other activities. We must find ways to make people remember to drive more carefully over long holiday weekends, to add to the warnings that are constantly given on radio and television.

I want to pay tribute to Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, wife of Brig. Gen. Theodore Roosevelt, who died in France during World War II. I was privileged to see her work during the war overseas, and I know how much it meant to our men who were constant visitors at the canteen that she ran. She also was active here as a civic leader, and I know she will be much missed by her family and friends.

Marshal Malinovsky, who sat next to Premier Khrushchev during all his talks in Paris, now announces that his forces are all ready to strike at any base from which a plane takes off with the apparent intent of going over Soviet territory. He adds that now their missiles can reach the highest ceilings that American plans can fly.

Of course, one of the dangers all along has been that some trigger-happy pilot on one side or the other would attack a plane that had come either by mistake or by intent across enemy territory. If "enemy" is too strong a word to use, let us say into nervous neutral-territory.

Let us hope that no one will be too anxious to start a shooting war.

The President has said that the U-2 flights have been discontinued. This seems to me a rather extraordinary concession, but at least it should satisfy and allay Marshal Malinovsky's fears—and planes should be given the benefit of the doubt if they have merely gone astray.

In the Memorial day ceremonies in the Rose garden at Hyde Park Congressman Richard Bolling of Missouri made one of the best speeches that has been made at these memorial services. Everyone was grateful for his coming and for the message he brought.

PNews, SMT, 6 June 1960