My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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NEW YORK—I was glad to see that Secretary of State John Foster Dulles has announced that military planning and political problems will be subordinated to "the new dedication to the principle of interdependence" at the NATO meeting next week.

In plain language, this means that our principal aim at the conference will be to strengthen our position with our allies which has been so badly damaged in the past year.

One thing that will help us, I think, is our decision to act in partnership with all those countries that have granted us bases for storage of weapons and that we will not fire any missile from any base without the participation and decision of the country in which the base is situated.

In other words, these countries will have an equal voice in a decision, if one ever needs to be made, on the use of atomic weapons. This position, I think, will reassure the Soviet Union and will be a help toward peace.

I joined those persons who the other day were able to listen to the Human Rights Day program at United Nations Headquarters. This was the ninth anniversary of the passage of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

As each anniversary rolls around I wonder whether we are actually working sufficiently hard all over the world to achieve constant progress toward the rights accepted in the declaration. However, the declaration has carried a great moral weight through the years and it is hoped it will continue to do so.

At the U.N. program, the Secretary General spoke with his usual clarity and charm after the Florence Festival Orchestra played its first number. Participation of this orchestra in the celebration was made possible by the government of Italy and the City of Florence.

The concert was broadcast by the American Broadcasting Company and it also was carried overseas by short wave and televised by New York Station WOR-TV. The American Federation of Musicians and its president James C. Petrillo, and Local 802 made these arrangements possible.

I am always proud of the participation given to celebrations at the U.N. It shows how much people are anxious to help where this organization is concerned.

At this writing the subway strike is still going on in New York City, and I must say that everyone is very anxious to see it come to an end, for it does make getting around the city difficult.

In addition, the foggy, rainy and snowy weather we are having is a pleasure to no one, but the weather is one thing none of us can do anything about, so we had best forget about it!