My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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NEW YORK—Here in New York even a Republican newspaper like the New York World-Telegram and Sun does not think that the Republican nominee for mayor of the city, Robert J. Christenberry, has much of a chance in running against the present incumbent, Robert F. Wagner.

The newspaper says Mr. Christenberry is a substantial, energetic and highly regarded citizen, but that his political experience is practically nil. It adds that he has a background of business success and a better-than-average knowledge of city problems, but even all these assets do not seem to be enough to give him a good chance for election.

Nevertheless, I hope that Mayor Wagner will see to it that the Democratic organization is just as energetic as possible, and that nobody will sit back and think the coming election will be won so easily that nobody has to do anything. That is just the way elections are lost.

It was thrilling and interesting to welcome to New York City the Mayflower II—the first Mayflower never having reached this particular part of the coast!

Everyone in the city and those visiting the city during the summer months surely will want to see this replica of the ship that came with so many of our New England ancestors to help settle this country. The Mayflower II will be on display here for visitors until November 15.

The story by the one girl reporter who sailed down from Plymouth, Mass., to here gave us some inkling as to what the ocean trip in the original Mayflower must have been like so many years ago. It makes one wonder more than ever how so many of our ancestors aboard that sailing vessel stood the rigors of such a journey and even more how the goods and chattels were packed on board for an eventual safe arrival in this country.

I see by one of the newspapers that this is National Hot Dog Month, a truly American custom, signifying that July is the month when so many of us go on picnics and consume so many hot dogs—but I began in June! The largest consumption of hot dogs to my knowledge is the day when I give a picnic at Hyde Park for the 120 boys who come each year from Wiltwyck School—and we had our annual outing last month.

As Chairman of the Mayor's Committee on Hospitality, however, there will be more picnics this summer at Hyde Park. I shall be inviting some United Nations' officials to drive up and enjoy an American outing—and it will be as American as I can make it, with hot dogs and baked beans and salads.

Some weeks ago I told my readers that I was working at Hyde Park (out of pure envy of my daughter-in-law) on the problem of making over my linen closets. Now I am finished. Last week Mr. Fred Samuels of New York City came and installed new closets and I now have most of my linen rearranged and am very proud of the looks of my two cupboards which are far more convenient and very easy to arrange.

Anyone who runs a house with constantly incoming and outgoing guests and likes to put away her own linen, as I do, will know how wonderful it is when one gets it finally arranged and knows exactly where everything is to be immediately available.

I like the wood very much that Mr. Samuels used to make the shelves and cupboards. It is light in color and looks very clean and fresh. I am very happy about this particular piece of work, which I have been trying to get done for a very long while and probably would never have had done if Mr. Samuels hadn't come up and told me he would like to do it for me.