My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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Rabat, Morocco—At 5:30 p.m. on the afternoon of Tuesday, March 19th, my whole party was received by the Sultan. He sat in an armchair on a raised platform and it was only his second day up since his operation, but he rose to greet us. We were all offered refreshments and talked for a few minutes, and the Sultan was quick to identify each person as I explained their occupations.

The Sultan looks young and handsome and he has a sensitive, kindly face and eyes that show humr and hands that are fine and expressive as he passes the usual string of beads through his fingers.

After the other left, Elliott and I stayed and had a long talk and it was nearly seven when we came out. I felt he had been most gracious and kind and only hope we did not over tax his strength. I hope he will come to the U.S. before long as his visit would be helpful to mutual understanding. The Sultan cares about people and he spoke of his country's economic needs and their need for aid to develop social services. I can understand the high esteem in which my husband held him.

Elliott and I drove to the Pendar's home to meet some more government people but Minnewa and I left soon to get ready to dine with the Princess Lalla Ayesha. We had a delicious dinner, but it might have been served in London, Paris or New York. We were all ladies and I begin to feel that I know a few whom I have met on several occasions since my arrival.

Wednesday morning we left Rabat for Fez.