My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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NEW YORK—I took a plane for Denver, Colo., last Thursday afternoon and was greeted there on arrival by my son, Elliott, his wife and my grandson, Bill. We spent the night in Denver and on Friday morning flew to Meeker, Colo., in a new little single-engine plane which my son and his wife are using to fly from Denver to the ranch and other places not too distant.

There were some clouds on the horizon, but we went across the mountains without actually being in the clouds. Then we found ourselves in clear, sunny skies with the fall coloring as beautiful as anything I have seen for a long time.

The aspens turn a lovely yellow, and as you look down from a small plane, where you are so much nearer the ground than you ever are in the big planes, you see patches of orange, red, bright green and yellow among the dark evergreens.

I think it was one of the most beautiful flights I have ever taken. I enjoyed every minute of it and accepted my son's assurances that a single-engine Bonanza is quite as safe as any other kind of air transport. As a result, I enjoyed the trip over and the trip back on Sunday morning!

I went to Meeker to celebrate my son's birthday, and we had a delightful celebration with his friends and neighbors. The ranch was particularly beautiful, I thought, and the atmosphere seemed extraordinarily clear at this season, the mountains being etched against the blue sky. At night the moon was round and bright and you felt that you almost could touch it.

I was interested in talking to some of the cattle raisers. All of them are planning to sell their cattle before Election Day, because they feel quite sure the present price rise will not hold, no matter who is elected, after Election Day. This is a comment that reflects the feeling of insecurity!

Our family party at the ranch included my niece, Amy Roosevelt, as well as my grandson, Bill, and his roommate. This is Bill's second year in Law School at the University of Colorado in Boulder and he is looking forward to it with pleasure. Having completed his summer studies with high marks, he will be allowed a good deal of choice of subjects in his second year, so he will be studying the things he wants to learn. He says he is not going to be a practicing lawyer but a businessman.

On Saturday evening one of my son's friends, Harry Combs, of Combs Aircraft in Denver, showed us some beautiful pictures of his trip to Africa which made me more anxious than ever to visit that continent.