My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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HONG KONG, Monday—Our flight from Tokyo to Hong Kong began auspiciously. We met Mr. Chip Roberts from Washington on the plane. I had seen him in the Hotel Imperial in Tokyo but did not know that we would be travelling the same route. He was on business but may be in Bali about the same time that we are and he has promised to show us some of his favorite places.

The pilot greeted us before we took off and gave us the welcome news that our flight would be smooth and that undoubtedly we would have clear weather when we landed in Hong Kong. They have had a great deal of rain during the past week and the airfield there could easily be enveloped in fog.

Hong Kong, of course, has one of the most beautiful harbors in the world and as we came in Dr. Gurewitsch was able to get several pictures of it. Mr. and Mrs. Aylward and their two older children met us at the airport as well as our consul general, Mr. Drumright, and his wife. We went immediately to the Hotel Peninsula and in due time were bathed and rested and ready to start our sightseeing and shopping.

The gentlemen went off to a tailor, and the ladies to a silk shop, then we crossed on the ferry to Hong Kong and walked through some of the market streets. The fruit that we saw was disappointing. In Japan the peaches and nectarines were delicious looking but here there is almost little or no selection and it is only safe to eat fruit you can peel.

We had lunch in a Chinese restaurant on the Hong Kong side and then returned to the place where I was to have a press conference.

PNews, AT, 30 August 1955