My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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NEW YORK, Wednesday—Yesterday Committee Three was organized, with the delegate from Uruguay elected as vice chairman and the delegate from Israel as rapporteur. There was a second candidate for rapporteur, the delegate from Afghanistan, whose friends placed him in nomination with very little knowledge on his part of what was being done. When he was defeated, he made a most charming and graceful speech that endeared him to everybody. I am sure that in the future he will have the vote of the Israeli delegate as well as of all the others who will remember his delightful attitude on this occasion. It is wonderful to have the gift of charm.

There are more women on Committee Three this year than ever before. This is true not only in the delegate seats, but also in the chairs of alternates and advisers. There is one woman delegate from Byelorussia, and another woman is the alternate sitting behind the Russian delegate, Mr. Sobolev. The delegate from Saudi Arabia, noting the increased number of ladies, said he was pleased to be serving on a committee where so many of us were now being recognized! Our large number, in fact, is a reason why one of the officers should be a woman, and I am very glad that the able woman who represents Israel will be the rapporteur.

Yesterday evening I took a flying trip, leaving late in the afternoon and getting into Wilmington, Delaware, in time for a dinner at the armory. This was a Democratic rally for Governor Stevenson and the state Democratic candidates. If the enthusiasm at the gathering is indicative of the way the Democrats are working, we may feel very hopeful that Delaware may be in the Democratic column right down the line on election day.

The Governor was able to meet me at the station, but then he had to go to meet his Republican opponent at the YMCA where they were staging a debate on television. It always seems to me very sensible to hold real debates between candidates. Now that so many people have TV sets, I think debates have added value. People can follow a campaign closely and feel that they are getting acquainted with the candidates as well as learning their views.

I got back from Wilmington rather late at night, but managed to stay awake and do the mail awaiting me on my desk. I was at the delegation meeting at 9:30 in the morning. There was no morning session of Committee Three, giving me time to catch up a little in the office. Back at the U.N., I had lunch with the chairman of Committee Three and Madame Liaquat Ali Khan, who is serving as delegate from Pakistan. Begum Khan was so kind to me when I visited Pakistan last winter that it is a joy to have her in our country, and I hope she will enjoy every minute of her stay here.

E. R.