My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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WASHINGTON, Thursday—Yesterday morning I went to Walter Reed Hospital. There were a number of guests at luncheon and from 4 o'clock on I had half hour appointments with a variety of persons, all with different interests. At 5 o'clock Miss Craig McGeachy who is head of welfare activities in the UNRRA, brought in two British women, Miss Kathleen Courtney, chairman of the general-purposes committee of the London International Assembly, and Miss Florence Horsbrugh, member of Parliament, both of whom I had met before.

Miss Horsbrugh is on her way back after passing some time in Canada. She told me she though the last winter had been a long pull for British women. I cannot help praying that this will be the last winter in which they will have is to expend such a great amount of reserve energy, because as time goes on that is harder and harder to do.

* * *

Some time ago we had a movie here called "The Story of Dr. Wassell." Everyone will see it, not only because of the inspiration to be derived, but because 5 percent of all proceeds goes to Navy relief.

The War Department's latest film in the series, "Why We Fight," is on China. It is a remarkable film, which I hope will be, released for the public as well as for our fighting forces.

Because I wrote about the importance of girls' clubs on the homefront, I am getting material from many places. Boston, Mass., and a Waterbury, Conn., both seem to be active in this field. Boston has two clubhouses and prospects of more. Eighteen hundreds girls between 7 and 18 are being served by the two Boston clubhouses.

* * *

There is one sentence in the letter they wrote me which I think should be the goal aimed at for boys' and girls' clubs, so I quote it here; "Drawing youngsters in from all the social strata with no religious, racial or economic restrictions, by treating them as equals among themselves, the Girls' Clubs of Boston, Inc., have made an enviable record of achievement in character building, mind developing and body conditioning."

Today I am going to the benefit fashion luncheon given by the American Theater Wing stage door canteen.

PNews, SHJ, 28 April 1944