My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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NEW YORK, Thursday—Yesterday afternoon with General Terry and several others, we had a showing of a movie made by the United States Army Signal Corps of the five plays, written by soldiers, which were produced and presented by Mr. Golden in carious [originally: various] cities throughout the country. I think these plays and the special acts between each one are going to make a very good show when they have a few professional touches added by such experts as Mr. Harry Brandt.

If this could be a successful commercial movie, it would mean a continuing income for some time to the charities connected with our war servies.

* * *

Mr. John Golden, who offered the original prizes which brought in these plays, is always anxious to play his part in any entertainments for the services. After the showing he took me to the USO club in Harlem. Here an infantry band played for us and several of the soldiers and sailors did specials bits of entertaining for our benefit.

The club seems to me very well run by Mr. Allen and Mr. Alexander. It meets the needs of the men, for i [originally: it] was crowded. The men evidently bring their families there, and the atmosphere is one of very pleasnt and warm hospitality.

Afterward I stopped for a few minutes at a dinner given by the business and professional women who are now attending the Herald Tribune Forum here. I reached home just as my dinner guests arrived.

It is a curious think, but I always think that I will do only one or two important things when I come to New York City. I always hope that the books and papers I carry in my brief case to read at odd moments will be read and carefully considerd [originally: considered] . Sad to say, much of the material goes back and forth several times in my journeys [originally: journeys,] before I really have a chance to clear my briefcase out.

I shall be back in Washington this evening in time to go to Walter Reed Hospital to show my film of the Southwest Pacific and to give a talk tonight in one of their movie houses. They have three movie houses, so I have two more visits before me.

PNews, NYWT, 19 November 1943