My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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FORT WORTH, Texas, Thursday—We reached Corpus Christi, Texas, yesterday morning about 12:30, and proceeded at once to the Naval Air Training Station, where the gentlemen, including President Roosevelt and President Camacho, with three ladies, Mrs. Alfred Montgomery, wife of the Admiral in Command, Madame Camacho, and myself, lunched at the cadets' mess. The other ladies of the party lunched with the WAVES. At the end of our meal, Mrs. Montgomery, Madame Camacho and I left the gentlemen and went to the WAVES for a short time, so I missed hearing my husband speak to the cadets.

There is quite a big contingent of WAVES here. I was amused to learn that some of the officers, who had been very much opposed to them, were now clamoring for more. These first graduates are doing pioneer jobs and, from all accounts, are doing them very well.

We returned to the cadets' mess in time for Madame Camacho to stand beside her husband, while nine Mexican aviation cadets and their complete ground crews were presented to both their own President and to President Roosevelt. They are a fine looking set of young men. I understand that at this training station there are also groups from other South and Central American countries, so we are putting a real good neighbor policy into action.

We drove all over the station, through the repair shop and, finally, out to a point of vantage where we could see many planes fly over us in formation. They gave us an exhibition of dive bombing, which was quite extraordinary and thrilling to watch. I had never realized how accurate these boys had to be and was told that those we watched were just students and still considered in the early stages of proficiency.

Back on the train, Madame Camacho and I sat listening while the two Presidents talked for an hour before we reached the junction where our two trains separated. When President and Madame Camacho boarded their own train and started for Mexico, we stood on the platform and waved them good-bye.

I vowed inwardly that, before we met again, I would know a little more Spanish than I do now. Inarticulate as I was, I still feel it was valuable to have this contact with our neighbors from across the border. I shall look forward more anxiously than ever to the day when I can really pay Mexico a longer visit.

I am back in Fort Worth this morning and spending another pleasant day at the ranch, with a chance to see little David again and to make some tentative plans with Ruth for future meetings. Tonight, Miss Thompson and I are on our way to Phoenix, Arizona, but I shall not be able to tell you about that day until Sunday.