My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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NOTE TO EDITORS—Earlier in the evening we sent you the Monday release of MY DAY. This had been edited at the request of the Office of Censorship to eliminate any mention of the President's return to Washington. Later the Office of Censorship phoned to advise that it was all right to mention the President's return.

Therefore, we are sending you herewith the copy revised back to the way it was originally written.

In the paragraph beginning "A few appointments," and after the sentence ending "joined in theradio round-up," please kill the copy already sent you and substitute the following:

The President will be here tonight and quite a contingent of the family will meet him, as my daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. John Boettiger, have had to stay East to finish the work they came to do.

Two daughters-in-law are here also, but unfortunately for me, many months ago I agreed to give the opening lecture in a course at Cooper Union and, therefore, I have to keep my engagement. After speaking at the Junior League luncheon tomorrow, however, I shall return so we may all have the joint birthday celebration which my husband and our daughter-in-law, Ethel, always enjoy together.

The dinner will be just a family party, but will bring news to Ethel and Ruth of their husbands who are so far away, and we all hope to get some intimate glimpses of the trip.