My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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WASHINGTON, Monday—I didn't have time yesterday to tell you of our delightful breakfast Sunday morning in New London, N.H., with some of the students at "The Lodge," a log house on the lake surrounded by pine trees. I waked to a gorgeous view of the valley, hills and mountains from my window, and was in the mood to enjoy the sunshine and the brilliant bits of color still on the trees.

Last summer the college had some twenty-odd refugee children in the lodge and nearby tents. Volunteer counselors took care of them. I imagine the lodge is ordinarily used for social purposes. I can testify that the girl cooks are excellent, for we had delicious scrambled eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast.

We talked on many subjects and, at 10:00 , I left then and started on my way to Concord, New Hampshire. I had, of course, not expected to meet with anyone on Sunday, but New Hampshire is going to have its defense workers school, beginning October 19th and lasting through the following week. Governor Blood thought, therefore, that I should not miss the opportunity to talk about the voluntary services and what we are doing in Washington. I feel sure that most of the New Hampshire women with an interest in their state and local defense councils, were present.

The Bishop opened the meeting with a prayer, which made many of those present, who might otherwise regretted not having been able to go to the 11:00 church service, feel that they had a blessing on the meeting.

Governor Blood was very kind and is cooperating in a most remarkable way with all the defense activities. By 12:30 we were on our way and reached the Hotel Statler in Boston around 3:00 o'clock. A number of people came in to see me. The day was a little odd as to meals. We had an unusually large breakfast, went without lunch and then had a very extravagant tea, because we knew we would have no time for dinner.

At o'clock we went to the broadcasting station and, after that, we drove to Roxbury, Mass., for a lecture. Finally, we settled down on the night train for Washington, feeling that we had had a fairly busy day.

Today is just as busy! First there was a staff meeting, then a conference with a number of the staff separately, and various outside agencies. In the afternoon, I had some appointments with a few individual people before I caught a plane for New York City, where I expect to give a lecture tonight.