My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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HYDE PARK, Sunday—In writing the other day about increasing our knowledge of our Pan-American neighbors, I forgot to mention something which has come to my attention, and which I think most interesting.

The Reader's Digest is publishing a Spanish language edition for distribution throughout Latin America, and the subscription rate has been established at one dollar a year postpaid, to make possible a very wide distribution. The Reader's Digest Association is prepared to cover any deficit in the interest of establishing a better understanding between the North and South American countries. I wish we could do many more things of this kind, for we have left this field of cultural relations almost entirely open to other nationalities.

I was glad to see in the papers that the first concert given in Brazil by the Stowkoski-led American Youth Orchestra was received with great enthusiasm, because I think that also is a step in the right direction. The youngsters are trying to learn some Spanish on the way, I believe, but fortunately music is a universal language.

Since we are discussing young people, I might mention that they are doing something at the New York World's Fair which I think will be of interest. The National Youth Administration is conducting youth occupational trips, free to all of junior high school age and over. These trips offer, through talks and visits to selected Fair exhibits, an opportunity to any person interested in obtaining first hand information of the requirements which various industries and professions demand of potential employees.

They cover such occupations as electricity, baking, nursing and public health, printing, business machines operation, art and design, automobile mechanics, farming, aviation and needle trades. They have been very successful through this new technique in giving occupational information, and many organizations in the metropolitan area are sending groups to take the various trips. The World's Fair Welfare Department is offering reduced admission rates to educational organizations and social agencies that wish to take advantage of this service.

It seems to me this is valuable to the young people conducting the trips who must familiarize themselves with the industries and exhibits which they tell about. It also gives an opportunity to other young people to find out about various occupations and to choose more wisely their courses in school or in supplemental preparation.

My husband left Friday night for Portsmouth, N.H. We had one last picnic with Secretary Knox, Colonel "Bill" Donovan, General Watson and Captain Callaghan as guests. Last night we drove to Stockbridge, Mass. for an evening of beautiful music.