My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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WASHINGTON, Friday—Yesterday morning in New York City was an amusing morning. I know now what "make-up" for the movies is like! Mr. David Elman, who runs the Hobby Lobby radio program, and for whom I substituted a few times last year while he was in the hospital, asked me if I would do a short movie with him to promote the interest of people in hobbies. He is convinced that hobbies are very important and I agree with him.

I was enormously interested in the mechanics of taking a few short scenes which we did together. They were very patient with me for, of course, being a novice, I must have been trying. The way it was all done was fascinating to watch. I only wish I had waked up earlier in my life to the fun there is in studying almost everything under the sun.

After my radio program, we went directly to the Town Hall Club to attend the Barter Theatre luncheon, where they presented their second annual award to Dorothy Stickney, who is such a charming lady in "Life With Father." The Barter Theatre is certainly keeping up its standards, having given its first award to Laurette Taylor and the second to Miss Stickney, or Mrs. Lindsay as she is in private life.

One thing was announced which I think is of extraordinary importance and very exciting. The State of Virginia, leading every other state in the Union, has asked Mr. Robert Porterfield, a native Virginian, who has carried on the Barter Theatre in Abingdon, Va., and made such a great success, to found a state theatre. Of course, the details of this undertaking will require much careful working out and the growth will be slow, but it is exciting to have a state government finally realize the importance of the theatre in the life of the people.

If other states will only follow, we may have a true national theatre someday which will have grown up from the grassroots. What a medium this will be for better understanding. We may send visiting state troupes from one part of the country to the other to interpret the people and the conditions of one locality to others and build up a folk history as well as develop an appreciation of the drama. My imagination runs riot when I think about this and I feel it should be on the front page of every newspaper. All honor to the State of Virginia and Governor Price and the citizens of that commonwealth. They have led us so often and are leading us again.

In the evening I attended a banquet of the National League of Women Voters and it was interesting to see a great many young faces in the group. An organization is growing when young people come in and work for it. The midnight train brought me back to Washington this morning and you can judge that the day is a busy one when I tell you I even had guests for breakfast!