My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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SYRACUSE, N.Y., Wednesday —I left Washington on the 1:00 o'clock plane yesterday and, on arrival in New York, I went directly to the Hotel Astor to receive a book made for me by the children of Meier Shfeyah, a self-governing juvenile village in Palestine. It was a very sweet thought and I deeply appreciate it. Then I went and did a little shopping and then back to my apartment to meet Mrs. Henry Morgenthau, Jr. She went to Chicago to see one of her sons last week and returned with no voice whatsoever, but in spite of that we went out last night. We dined together and went to a play. I shall have to tell you about it tomorrow, for I have several things I want to mention in this column today.

One of them is the fact that from February 18th to 25th, which is the week during which Washington's Birthday occurs, there will be the seventh annual observance of Brotherhood Week. This celebration will be particpated in by Protestants, Catholics and Jews in over a thousand communities throughout the Nation. It is so easy for hatreds and intolerances to arise when the world is in a turmoil as it is today. Those of us who are fortunate enough to be at peace, should make every effort to keep constantly before us principles which will help us to be of service when peace comes again to the whole world.

The ten goodwill resolutions which are published for use during this week, should, I think, be kept in a place where all of us can look at them day by day, and so I am quoting them here:

  1. I will repudiate the idea that those who disagree with me are not good Americans.
  2. I will not allow racial or religious differences to determine my vote.
  3. I will appreciate what others than my own group have done to make America great.
  4. I will try to understand the background of those of other religious loyalties.
  5. I will help to create mutual respect and trust between members of different religious and racial groups.
  6. I will cooperate heartily with those of other faiths in the work for the common good.
  7. I will always protest when those of other faiths are defamed.
  8. I will not be misled by false doctrines of race nor claim superiority to others on the ground of race alone.
  9. I will apply the Golden Rule to those of all races and religions and treat them as I should like to be treated.
  10. I will pray for those of other faiths than my own and prize other prayers for myself.

We left New York City this morning on a 9:00 o'clock train for Syracuse, New York. There my friend, Mr. Leo Casey, is meeting us and taking us to see a housing project before he drives us to Ithaca.